Create a quality workforce

Designed specifically around your business needs our Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes that will ensure your workforce gains nationally recognised qualifications

Advantages that an Apprenticeship will bring to your business

  • They can bring in enthusiastic young people with fresh ideas that could be of benefit to your business

  • Apprenticeships are fully funded by the Welsh Government via the European Social Fund (as long as eligibility criteria can be met).

  • Torfaen Training will provide a young person ideally suited to your business.

  • Develop an individual to progress to higher qualifications and maintain a good quality workforce.

  • This is the ideal way to establish if an apprentices is suitable for your organisation and if the young person feels comfortable in that role.

  • Apprentices come from a range of backgrounds including many high-calibre candidates who don’t want the costs of going to University.

  • Apprenticeships are likely to attract young people and school leavers from the local vicinity which is often good for staff retention.

  • Create opportunities for existing staff to develop roles in mentoring and coaching skills.

  • Ensure your skill gaps are filled and allow the business to develop future manages and leaders from within.

  • Apprenticeships increase staff loyalty and retention.

  • Investing in staff training through Apprenticeships has a positive effect on company’s finances, making it more competitive.

  • As a business grows staff often find their time taken up by smaller tasks instead of concentrating on key areas of work. Delegation of these basic jobs to Apprenticeships frees up valuable time for your more experienced staff.

Entry Requirements

You must be aged 16 plus, live in Wales and have left full time education or are in an employment opportunity

How can I recruit an Apprenticeship ?

Contact us for an informal chat about what placement or course you require. Our experienced team of Account Managers will guide you through the process.