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Our highly skilled team of trainers and assessors have been delivering exciting, innovative methods of learning since 1990 across a wide range of occupational sectors. Our training programmes, including Traineeships and Apprenticeships can be tailored to your business needs for minimal disruption, thereby enhancing the learning experience for you and your employees.

At Torfaen Training we have worked with a complete cross section of employers including Gwent Police, NHS, Newport and Monmouth Councils, Age Concern, Carlisle Brake Products, SRS, Bron Afon and many more. Which is why we are confident that our training and learning experience, delivered by experts will more than meet your expectations.

See below the qualifications that are currently available to your employees.

If you are interested in any of the courses please contact us for more detailed information.


 Level 1
Wood Occupations Site Work - NVQ Level 1 Bench Work Carpentry/Joinery - QCF Level 1
Business Admin - QCF Level 1  Hospitality Services - QCF Level 1
 Food Preparation and Cooking - QCF Level 1 Warehouse and Storage - QCF Level 1
Customer Services - QCF Level 1 Retail Skills - QCF Level 1 


Foundation Apprenticeships
Business and Administration - QCF Level 2 ILM Team Leading - QCF Level 2
Wood Occupations Site Carpentry - QCF Level 2 Supporting Teaching in Schools - QCF Diploma Level 2 
Customer Services - QCF Level 2 Health and Social Care - QCF Level 2
Fenestration - QCF Diploma Level 2   Child Care - Diploma Level 2
Facilities Services - QCF Diploma Level 2 Wood Occupations Joinery - QCF Level 2 
Retail - QCF Level 2  Fitted Interiors - NVQ Level 2
Warehousing - QCF Level 2 Manufacturing Operations - QCF Level 2  
  IT Users - QCF Level 2 Playwork - QCF Level 2  


Child Care & Learning Development - Level 3  Health and Social Care - QCF Diploma Level 3
Customer Services - Level 3 Management - Diploma Level 3
Information, Advice and Guidance - QCF Diploma Level 3  Business Administration - QCF Diploma Level 3
Playwork - QCF Diploma Level 3  


 Higher Apprenticeships
Information, Advice and Guidance - QCF Diploma Level 4  Leadership for health and Social care Services - QCF Diploma Level 5
ILM Management - Level 4 Diploma Health and Social Care - QCF Level 5


Benefits of Employing an Apprentice

You will be surprised what an apprentice can do for your organisation.

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Higher Apprenticeship

Learning  journey takes Rebecca to the Apprenticeship Awards Cymru 2017 final.

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Preparation For Management

Tracy gets back into education with Torfaen Training which also benefits her organisation, Age Connects. 

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Further Information

Contact us for an informal chat about what placement or course you require. Our experienced team of Account Managers will guide you through the process.